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This is a list of those qualified and NOT their placement in the event. Not all competitors competing in each event are listed.

August 22, 2010
TAFA Universe
Reno, NV
Danielle Morellino
Nikki Crawford
Emily MacDougall
Carmelia D. Van Horn
Amy Livingston-Fallis
Yolanda Dixon
Rachel Simmelink
Yvonne Smith

August 22, 2010
TAFA Universe Master
Reno, NV
Christine Huang
Karen Zimmer
Laura Roesti
Tiaja Dimas
August 22, 2010
TAFA Universe Novice
Reno, NV

Loretta McDonald
October 30, 2010
TAFA National
Colorado Springs, CO

Trina Wiggins
Evemarie Pilipuf
Jenny Adams
Sharon Simmons
Jacque Johnston
February 20, 2011
TAFA Southwest
Dallas, TX

Ashley Anton
May 7, 2011
Ms. Fitness Virginia
Richmond, VA

Jehan Jones-Radgowski
Shelly Briscoe

May 28, 2011
Ms. Fitness Southeast States
Orlando, FL

Jennifer Shayya

August 13, 2011
TAFA National
Long Beach, CA

Ekaterina Meishvili
Karen Elliott
Piaf Des Rosiers
Lana Cordier
Paige Levy
Laura McIntyre

September 3, 2011
Ms. National Fitness
Fort Worth, TX
Melanie Matheny

September 24, 2011
Ms. Fitness International
Las Vegas, NV
Jessica Love
Erica Scarbrough

October 15, 2011
Ms. Fitness Western
Sacramento, CA

Ashanti Griffin

October 29, 2011
TAFA Universe
Colorado Springs, CO

Holly Lynch
Patricia Rothwell
Jane Ellen

November 13, 2011
Ms. Fitness Olympia
Reno, NV
Alex Navarro
Amber Nimedez

April 7, 2012
Ms. Fitness Illinois
Bolingbrook, IL
Lisa Jawor

May 12, 2012
Ms. Fitness So. California
San Diego, CA
Crystal Haney

May 19, 2012
Ms. Fitness Missouri
St. Louis, MO
June 2, 2012
Miss Fitness Arizona
Surprise, AZ
Kennedy Hilgers
June 30, 2012
Ms. Fitness Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
Irina Hill

*All past Ms. Fitness USA/World titleholders are eligible to compete without requalifying


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