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2010 UltraFlex Ms. Fitness USA
August 19, 2009
Grand Sierra Resort
01st Taryn Bagrosky Colorado 223.6 $5,000.00
02nd Kimberly Leto Arizona 222.9 $2,500.00
03rd Nikki Crawford Oregon 221.6 $1,750.00
04th Alex Navarro California 219.7 $1,250.00
05th Sharon Polsky California 219.5 $1,000.00
06th Trina Wiggins Nevada 214.9 $1,000.00
07th Nicole Guerrero Illinois 214.8 $1,000.00
08th Karen Elliott Colorado 214.4 $1,000.00
09th Stacy Kvernmo Illinois 214.3 $1,000.00
10th Jodi Tiahrt Nevada 206.7 $1,000.00
11th Kristin Birth Florida 206.6 $1,000.00
12th Dena Weiner California 205.1 $1,000.00
13th Rachel Simmelink Virginia 202.0 $1,000.00
14th Holly Scott Colorado 200.7 $1,000.00
15th Tiffany Grosso Washington 194.4 $1,000.00
Nerissa Atkisson Arizona 193.7
Shelly Briscoe Maryland 193.7
Ragan Grossman Arizona 192.7
Christine Huang New York 188.9
Yolanda Dixon California 187.4
Jane Ellen Colorado 186.4
Laura Roesti-Green Ohio 172.8
Linda Mitchell Ohio 172.1
Sharon Simmons Texas 171.3
Cari Jones Missouri 171.3
Suzanne Kane Missouri 170.1
Aretha Brown Ohio 153.2
Tiaja Dimas Colorado 126.6
out of 240.0 scores by round

2010 UltraFlex Ms. Fitness World
August 20, 2009
Grand Sierra Resort
$25,000.00 in cash prizes
01st Vanda Hadarean Canada 229.7 $4,000.00
02nd Else Lautala Finland 228.4 $2,000.00
03rd Dorottya Nemeth Hungary 225.7 $1,750.00
04th Gabriella Horcsak Hungary 225.3 $1,250.00
05th Kim Leto USA 223.9 $1,000.00
06th Szilvia Czine Slovak Republic 221.2 $1,000.00
07th Taryn Bagrosky USA 221.2 $1,000.00
08th Melinda Szabo Hungary 220.9 $1,000.00
09th Alex Navarro USA 220.1 $1,000.00
10th Nikki Crawford USA 218.1 $1,000.00
11th Sharon Polsky USA 217.7 $1,000.00
12th Trina Wiggins USA 215.7 $1,000.00
13th Rebeka Gyulay Hungary 214.7 $1,000.00
14th Szilvia Mile Hungary 214.4 $1,000.00
15th Karen Elliott USA 211.8 $1,000.00
16th Stacy Kvernmo USA 211.3 $1,000.00
17th Fanni Gaal Hungary 209.6 $1,000.00
18th Katerina Sergeyeva Ukraine 207.5 $1,000.00
19th Kristen Birth USA 205.5 $1,000.00
20th Melanie Wells Canada 203.7 $1,000.00
Athina Karaindrosova Slovak Republic 203.3
Oksana Kovtunenko Ukraine 202.9
Jodi Tiahrt USA 199.1
Priscilla Gagliano Canada 198.6
Barbora Belancova Slovak Republic 188.4
Kerri Gibson Barbados 177.0
out of 240.0 scores by round

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2010 Ms. Fitness USA & Ms. Fitness World
September 10 & 11, 2008

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UltraFlex Ms. Fitness USA
On August 19, 2009
This is a list of those qualified and NOT their placement in the event. Not all competitors competing in each event are listed.
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September 13, 2008
Ms. Fitness DC
Washington, DC
Shelly Briscoe

September 20, 2008
Ms. Fitness Bay Area
San Francisco, CA
Lisa Rovella
September 27, 2008
Ms. Fitness Indiana
Noblesville, IN
Linda Mitchell
October 4, 2008
Ms. Fitness International
Los Angeles, CA
Ekaterina Meishvili
Alex Navarro
Holly Scott
October 11, 2008
Ms. Fitness San Antonio
San Antonio, TX
Traci Kana
October 18, 2008
Ms. Fitness Utah
Bountiful, UT
Cathy Nisson
October 25, 2008
Ms. Fitness Western
San Francisco, CA
Jessica Love
Jamie Donkin
November 8, 2008
TAFA Universe
Ontario, CA
Trina Wiggins
Linda Okwor
Diana Hex
November 15, 2008
Ms. Fitness Universe
Corona, CA
Jodi Tiahrt
Sharon Polsky
Toneka Pires
March 28, 2009
Ms. Fitness Mile High
Denver, CO
Jane Ellen
Stacy McClellan
*Karen Elliott
April 11, 2009
Ms. Fitness Oregon
Portland, OR
Tiffany Grosso
April 25, 2009
Ms. Fitness Illinois
Bolingbrook, IL
Stacey Kvernmo
Lacey Hancock
Tiffany Giusti
April 25, 2009
Ms. Fitness Kentucky
Florence, KY
Brooke Johnson-Griffin
May 2, 2009
Ms. Fitness Oakland
Oakland, CA
Yolanda Dixon
May 9, 2009
Ms. Fitness SE States
Orlando, FL
Kristen Birth
Dondi O'Neal
May 17, 2009
Ms. Fitness Catskills
Catskills, NY
Christine Huang
May 23, 2009
Ms. Fitness Iron City
Pittsburgh, PA
Andi Martin
Michelle Santelli
Aubrey Worek
May 30, 2009
Ms. Fitness Arizona
Phoenix, AZ
Nerissa Atkisson
June 6, 2009
Ms. Fitness Reno
Reno, NV
Michelle Horn
June 20, 2009
Ms. Fitness Lone Star
Azle, TX
Melinda Houson
July 11, 2009
Ms. Fitness Colorado
Denver, CO
Natalie Hotchkiss
July 18, 2009
Ms. Fitness Missouri
Springfield, MO
Cari Jones
Tracey Karas
Suzanne Kane
July 18, 2009
Ms. Fitness Sunshine State
Longwood, FL
Jeanetta Carter
August 1, 2009
Ms. Fitness Natural
Bolingbrook, IL
Shannon Goering
August 1
Ms. Fitness Ohio
Columbus, OH
Laura Roesti-Green
Aretha Brown

*All past Ms. Fitness USA/World titleholders are eligible to compete without requalifying


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