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2007 Ms. Fitness USA
September 8, 2006
Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
01st Cara Kokenes Illinois 219.6 $5,000.00
02nd Heidi Malano Colorado 212.8 $2,500.00
03rd Nikki Crawford Oregon 212.2 $1,750.00
04th Karen Elliott Colorado 211.2 $1,250.00
05th Tina Thompson-Pope New York 211.2 $1,000.00
06th Amy McFarlin-Bybee Florida 210.3 $1,000.00
07th Angie English Louisiana 207.3 $1,000.00
08th Trina Wiggins Nevada 207.2 $1,000.00
09th Angela Glenn Florida 205.3 $1,000.00
10th Anne Boland-Hawk Pennsylvania 204.5 $1,000.00
11th Stacy Aulner Illinois 204.4 $1,000.00
12th Lea Newman Hawaii 204.1 $1,000.00
13th Joni Carey Colorado 203.9 $1,000.00
14th Kim Dawson South Carolina 203.5 $1,000.00
15th Venus Ramos California 203.2 $1,000.00
  Linda Okwor California 200.1
  Michelle Williams Indiana 199.2
  Megan Cummings Arizona 195.0
  Kimberly Kantor Georgia 193.6
  Lauren Leipold Nebraska 193.4
  Amy Campbell Ohio 193.4
  Sheila Law Florida 193.3
  Natalie Murray Utah 192.5
  Carrie Trevizo California 191.2
  Mary Walter Arizona 189.8
  Katie Kopf Ohio 188.8
  Susan Benz Tennessee 188.4
  Crystal Hernandez California 186.9
  Pamela Schenck California 186.5
  Renae Terrano Nebraska 186.4
  Sharon Polsky California 186.0
  Norma York Arizona 185.7
  Hope Rocho Nevada 183.4
  Dionna Eves Georgia 178.2
  Treva Fulton Colorado 176.8
  Issa Otten Alaska 174.2
  Heidi Boerstler Colorado 167.3
  Linda Mitchell Ohio 162.6
  Karen Zimmer California 161.8
  Sharon Simmons Texas 159.7
      out of 240.0 scores by round

2007 Ms. Fitness World
September 9, 2006
Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
$25,000.00 in cash prizes
01st Anastasiya Kozlovskaya Ukraine 223.6 $4,000.00
02nd Vanda Hadarean Canada 220.0 $2,000.00
03rd Katerina Kosenko Ukraine 219.9 $1,750.00
04th Cara Kokenes USA 219.5 $1,250.00
05th Else Lautala Finland 219.2 $1,000.00
06th Nikki Crawford USA 217.8 $1,000.00
07th Marija Savic-Sreckovic Serbia 215.2 $1,000.00
08th Heidi Malano USA 211 amateur
09th Yenny Polanco Dominican Republic 210.7 $1,000.00
10th Angie English USA 210.6 $1,000.00
11th Angela Glenn USA 210.5 $1,000.00
12th Tina Thompson-Pope USA 209.4 $1,000.00
13th Stacy Aulner USA 206.0 $1,000.00
14th Tammy Rosiek Canada 199.7 $1,000.00
15th Anne Boland-Hawk USA 199.1 $1,000.00
16th Trina Wiggins USA 198.6 $1,000.00
17th Amy McFarlin-Bybee USA 197.2 $1,000.00
18th Diana Oprea Romania 196.7 $1,000.00
19th Sarah Zahab Canada 195.7 $1,000.00
20th Carol-Lyne Desroches Canada 192.9 $1,000.00
Leyda Jiminez Canada 185.9
Alba Porras Mexico 171.2
  Anuradha Namashivaya India 164.9  
out of 240.0 scores by round

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2007 Ms. Fitness USA & Ms. Fitness World
September 8 & 9, 2006



















2007 Ms. Fitness USA
This is a list of those qualified and NOT their placement in the event. Not all competitors competing in each event are listed.

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yellow name = link to image of competitor

 September 10, 2005
Ms. Fitness Grand Prix
Windsor, CA
Lori Cornejo
Suzanne Strachan

November 12, 2005
Christopher's U of Fitness
Corona, CA
Cara Kokenes

Karla Kirkegaard
Dena Anne Weiner
Shana Martin
Paige Levy

November 12, 2005
Ms. Fitness Florida
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Kelly Gould

Monica Maeda 

 November 19, 2005
Ms. Fitness Olympia
Las Vegas, NV
Lea Newman

 February 19, 2006
Ms. Fitness Legacy Great Lakes
Cincinnati, OH
Crystal Hernandez
Linda Mitchell
Tina Durkin

 April 8, 2006
Ms. Fitness Ultra Southwest
Tucson, AZ
Hope Rocho

 April 9, 2006
Ms. Fitness Lone Star
Dallas, TX
Anne Boland

Terry Bartlett
Loretta McDonald

 April 15, 2006
Ms. Fitness Mile High
Denver, CO
Joni Carey
Camala Rodriquez
Emily Green
Gaye Woods

  April 22, 2006
Miss Fitness Arizona
Sierra Vista, AZ
Norma York
Mary Walters
Megan Cummings

April 29, 2006
Ms. Fitness Legacy Southeastern
Atlanta, GA
Kimberly Kantor

Kimberly Dawson
Valerie Brown
Tracey Gardner
Susan Benz
Dionna Eves

April 29, 2006
Ms. Fitness Spirit of America
Cape Cod, MA
Dawn Butterfield

Jodie Cohen
Karen Irvine

May 6, 2006
Ms. Fitness Oakland
Oakland, CA
April Cabrera
Susan Hamel

May 13, 2006
Ms. Fitness Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV
Victoria Casciola

May 13, 2006
Ms. Fitness Nebraska
Omaha, NE
Renae Terrano

Lauren Liepold

June 3, 2006
Ms. Fitness Legacy Midwestern
Cincinnati, OH
Amy McFarlin-Bybee
Amy Campbell
Katie Kopf
Susan Benz
Amy McGrapth

 June 10, 2006
Ms. Fitness New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM
Brittany Umbrage

 June 17, 2006
Ms. Fitness Indiana
Noblesville, IN
Molly Estes

  June 24, 2006
Ms. Fitness Hawaiian Island
Honolulu, HI
Michelle Opperman
Heida Pa

  July 8, 2006
Ms. Fitness St. Louis
Jerseyville, IL
Michelle Williams
Jennifer Wolfmeyer
Jennifer Swan

  July 8, 2006
Ms. Legacy South-Central
Houston, TX
Stacie House
Carol Gill

  July 22, 2006
Ms. Fitness Utah
Bountiful, UT
Natalie Murray

  July 22, 2006
Ms. Fitness Intercoastal
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Sheila Law

  July 29, 2006
Ms. Fitness Colorado
Denver, CO
Heidi Malano
Jenny Dempewolf
Treva Fulton
Heidi Boerstler

 July 29, 2006
Ms. Fitness Illinois
Romeoville, IL
Stacy Aulner

July 29, 2006
Ms. Fitness Yankee Classic
Newburyport, MA
Jackie Fontaine

Amy Nigrelli
Amy Kasden

August 12, 2006
Ms. Fitness DC
Washington, DC
Deazie Gibson

Tina Thompson-Pope
Angela Glenn

 August 20, 2006
Ms. Legacy Crown
Anaheim, CA

August 26, 2006
Ms. Legacy Dallas
Dallas, TX

September 2, 2006
Ms. Fitness San Diego
San Diego, CA

*All past Ms. Fitness USA/World titleholders are eligible to compete without requalifying

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