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If you would like to share your Success Story with Ms. Fitness readers, send your story, including how you accomplished your goals, and color before & after, or other appropriate photos. Success comes in many forms. Did you meet new weight goals - either losing or gaining fat/muscle? Did life give you lemons and you turned them into lemonade? Did you fulfill a lifelong dream?

For PR Execs needing some tips on getting our attention:

E-mails as follow up are good. However, be forewarned, when we check the morning missives and find 150-250 new e-mails, a lot is being trashed with barely a first glance. I'm sure you can understand.

What's New? section - we need:
1) 200 words extolling the virtues of the product including info on how/where to purchase, and
2) A high res CYMK tiff approx. 5"x7" print/document size ...
Both burned to a CD. Sending a sample of the product so we can fight over who gets to try it is always good, it contributes to making the product MEMORABLE. At the very least send a print picture - out of your computer is fine - to give us a VISUAL to remember. All those CD's start looking the same after a while.

The Spring issue's What's New section is the one which gives our Ms. Fitness Goody Bag sponsors their coverage - see http://msfitness.com/goodybag.html for more info. There is rarely room for more than our sponsors in this issue.

The Winter issue contains our Holiday Gift Guide. The deadline is July 15.

Books/Videos/DVD's. Send us an excerpt that contains information our readers can use. If it's on diet, include a sample eating plan. A cookbook, send a couple of recipes with images of the finished dishes. Exercise, send a couple of exercises with images demonstrating those exercises - all burned to a CD. Length is variable - from 600 to 1300 words. Again, send the product or a printed visual to make yourself memorable. Please include info on how to purchase.

Like everyone these days, the work just never seems to end. If it's ready to be popped in and we don't have call and e-mail and match up items coming in at different times and methods, to gather all the materials to make it usable, it looks pretty attractive to us.

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