2006 Issues of Ms. Fitness

Cover model Sarah Traverso. Featuring the 28-Day Body Shapeover, What's New What's Hot- What's Healthy for '06, Fit Over Forty - These Women Do It - You Can Too, The No More Excuses Issue, Success Stories to Amaze & Motivate You

Travel Light with Strength Band Training by Phil Page and Todd Ellenbecker, Get Fresh With Spring Workouts by Linda Cusmano, 28-Day Body Shapeover by Brad Schoenfeld, Slim City is an initiative to fight obesity, Kill the Cooties! The Hypochondriac's Guide to Staying Healthy, Celeb Scenery as seen in Snowmass Colorado, No Diet Without Detox, Tony Little tells us how about Belly Bulge - Lose the Flab _ Simply Start an Exercise Program ' Squeeze, Success Stories on Amanda Wu - Kerrie Brown and Shari Friedman, Fit Over Forty interviews Cheryl Masiello - Carol Gill and Laura Lutz

Greta Blackburn's Editor's Letter, Did You Know? The Real Dirt on Soap, Competition Round-Up, TAFA, OCB, Northern Highlights from Neutron Sports, The Other White Meat, and in our What's New section - CortiSlim, Gold's Gym, Venus Swimwear, QuikE, Bikini Beach, Blue Sky Swimwear, Appearex, Aqua Glycolic, Basalt Works, Body Drench Quick Tan, Sweet Mary Jane, Body Butter, Body Wealth, Boscia, Caffe Sanora, California Tan, Easy Straight, Fat Flush Plan, Palmer's Body Gloss, Aerobakhan Music Service, Fabulous Fragrances, Flexitol Heel Balm, Go Cookie, Complete Idiot's Guide to Gycemic Index Weight Loss and Weight Loss Tracker, Momints Inspired Calendar Nrage Strips, Oh So Wet, Pro Whey, Sankom fiber, Nutiva's Healthy Hemp Bars, Skintimate, Slim Quick, SpWipes, Burn 2, Down Under's Topless Sandal, YogaFit, Stevia Sweet Leaf

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