2008 Scrapbook

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Getting Ready

Kurt & Branden

Wally Jr.

Brian & Richie


The Packing of the Goody Bags

Dave & Debbie Taking A Break

Frank Smith Demonstrates The UltraFlex To Competitors



Lining Up For Prejudging

Marija Savic-Sreckovic
Breaking Out The Sun Shower

Hi Meshelle,

I wanted to thank you for your hard work in running the USA show last week.  Everything was so well done and ran so smoothly... you all did a fantastic job!  I never felt confused about where to be, when or what was expected.  As a first time competitor, that was a huge help!  Tell Claire how much I appreciated all her efforts as well, she was a rock of calm for all of us backstage!

Thanks again for all your hard work!  The entire experience was very positive!

Nancy Zirkel

Nicole Guerrero & Nancy Zirkel

Trina Wiggins, Mary Walter & Heidi Malano

Hello Meshelle,

I just wanted to thank you for another exciting year.  You always put on a great show and make us all feel so welcome.  I enjoyed seeing old faces and meeting new ones.  I am looking forward to a great year and seeing you and everyone soon.

Mary Walter

P.S.  My hat goes off to Claire for always being so kind and keeping us sane.

Dear Meshelle,
OMG, thank you so much for an amazing show. I absolutely love you and your organization and have a blast every year.

Sharon Polsky



Thank you so much for all of the hard work that goes into this show. It is a great honor to be part of such a great organization. I had a blast on and off stage! I couldn't have asked for a better week in Vegas!

Thank you again and I will see you next year!

Susan Benz

Sharon Polsky, Susan Benz, Lea Newman,
Heidi Malano, Loren Gowdy, & Crystal Hernandez

Susan Benz, Dena Weiner, Trina Wiggins, Nikki Crawford & Crystal Hernandez


Thank you so much for the fantstic show. There was so much energy both on and off that stage. It was good to see so many faces from last year, but even better to make new friends with so many girls. What a great week!!! Thank you again for everything.

Claire you are an amazing person, thank you for letting me cheer on
every girl during routines!!! As Mary calls me the "team cheerleader" I call everyone "simply amazing"

Keep reaching for your dreams!

Crystal Hernandez

Team Canada
Hello Meshelle!!!
Here are a few pictures taken backstage.
I am back home, and I can't wait for next year! I will definitely train hard and do everything I can to qualify for next year!
This year was no exception, the event was fabulous! I was blessed to have my parents with me this year and they were absolutely thrilled to see what a huge and prestigious event you put on. They have been to many shows and they have never seen anything like this!
Many many thanks to the whole team for all the hard work, you guys really took great care of us once again!
À bientôt j'espère! (See you soon i hope!)
Carol-Lyne Day-Rush (hihihi) 

Pretty Girl, Carol-Lyne Desroches, Allison Ethier, Sherry Ann Boudreau, Tammy Rosiek & Vanda Hadarean 

Meshelle and Wally,

Thank you so much for an awesome experience. I had a wonderful time and I met so many inspiring athletes. This had to be the most friendliest and relaxed event I have competed at since my beginning start in 2002. Although I do not know my exact placement just yet, I walk away feeling honored to have been able to make it to this World Class event. Thank you again and God Bless!

Sherry Ann Boudreau



What a wonderful weekend.I loved every minute of it.

It was my first time there competing at this show, and I cannot stop talking about how organized, quick you were with the results, and time you take to make each girl feel special.   Treating the athletes the way you do, many other organizations should take note.  I will try my best to be back next year! 

Fantastic job once again, and congratulations to Vanda - a great role model for all who compete in fitness.

All my best,
Allison Ethier

Vanda, Carol-Lyne, Allison, Tammy, Sherry Ann & Priscilla

 Hi Meshelle and Wally!

I want to thank-you for a wonderful experience. I really enjoy your show, you make me feel welcomed and treat all of us well. Claire and Michelle back stage are always helpful and make it fun. I also would like to acknowledge the judging panel, as I know that it must be difficult to judge all the amazing athletes. Michelle Kerr always is smiling and the rest of the judges give great feedback.

The goody bags, swimsuits, shoes, hotel accommadations, entry fees...all these are taken care of by Ms Fitness World and I really appreciate the effort and extra help.

Overall I think it's an experience that I can't express enough, how fabulous it is.

Thanks Again and I will see you next year! 

Tammy Rosiek


Hi Meshelle!

Well I have been a part of the Ms. Fitness Family since 1996. This years Ms. Fitness was like all others that I have attended. The girls were awesome this year and very talented. I felt honored to be among one of the 42 women this year at Ms. Fitness USA. In 1996 I went to Ms. Fitness USA having been bitten by a brown lacrosse spider the day before. My roommate and friend Cynthia Hill had to rush me to the hospital after Ms. Fitness registration because fluid started swelling up in my butt by the spider bite. I was on antibiotics for the pain and swelling. During the routine round I blanked out and forgot every bit of my routine round. I made the entire thing up as I went along. Months later when I viewed my routine I could not believe that I did the same things over and over. Fast forward 12 years to this years Ms. Fitness USA. I managed to have a BLOND MOMENT AGAIN this year but this time in the evening gown speech round. I entered the stage to do my speech and I was over come with the fact I could not speak a word. I stood there which seemed like an hour starring at the audience and the judges. I walked off stage wondering to myself, what in the world had I just done. Well it happened and it even happens to the veterans like me. Although this happened to me this year at Ms. Fitness USA I enjoyed my experience even more than any other year. It is always great challenging ourselves and  learning from our experiences good and bad. Thank you for inviting me back this year. I look back at this year with very fond memories.

Dena Anne Weiner

Trina Wiggins & Dena

Dena & Anne Boland

(front) Mary Walter, Trina Wiggins & Heidi Malano
back) Allison Ethier, Dena Weiner, Evamarie Pilipuf & Ann Schriner


Thank you for a wonderful show.  It was my first time this year and it was a blast!  Can't wait to compete again! Do you know the time USA will be aired in January?  Also, do you know when the MFM Workout Shoot and the calendar (shot with Sami) will be released?  Thank you again for your time.

Ann Marie Schriner

 Wally & Meshelle-
I can't even begin to tell you what an amazing experience I had!  It was great to see old friends and make new ones.  I am proud and honored to be on that stage with such talented, beautiful women.  Not too mention what an incredible feeling it is to be part of such a classy, organized organization.  Claire, Michelle and Debbie do such a great jobs back stage at keeping us in line and the show running.  Everyone involved is just so wonderful to work with.  I hope they know how much we all appreciate them.  Thanks again to all the sponsors that give us such great products in our goody bags.  A BIG THANKS to Supplementstogo.com for sponsoring the show.

Nikki Crawford

Nikki Crawford & Kelly Gould

(front) Else Lautala & Karen Sandri
(back) Heidi Koster, Ivana Matuskova, Carol-Lyne Desroches, Tammy Rosiek, Vanda Hadarean,
?? & Marija Savic-Sreckovic
HELP!!! with ID

Hi Meshelle ,

Thank you so much for organizing this great competition year after year. It´s truly the best one of all!!

This competition is like a big family meeting to me, that I can hardly wait. Because during this event I´m able to meet all my friend around the world and make new ones. I really love to be bart of this great event year after year!

Can´t wait to see all of you soon...at least next year for sure. :)

With love,
Else Lautala


Michelle Kerr & Lorenzo Gaspar


I am so blessed to be part of Ms. Fitness. I had an amazing time as usual. The competition keeps getting tougher and tougher and I am so proud of all the girls for thier hard work and discipline every year!! Thank-you so much for involving me and I can't wait until next year. Love to all the family.



Hi Wally, Meshelle and Family,
Thank you very much for all your support during the 2008 Ms. Fitness USA and World competitions. As a long time Ms. Fitness Judge, I really appreciate the respect shown to all competitors, judges, crew, and everyone else involved in making the shows such a success....I am truly honoured to be a part of your organization, and I can not wait until next year!
Bravo .......
Kathie Taylor

Sandé Mackey & Arpad Mester

Kathie Taylor & Christopher Riles
Hi Meshelle, Wally, Ronnie, Richie, Wally Jr. and the rest of the Ms. Fitness crew!  
Congratulations to all of you for a fantastic event!    Once again you hosted an amazing event with top fitness athletes from around the world.  Our team was so excited to represent Canada and had a wonderful experience that they will treasure for a lifetime.  You treat our athlete's with such care and respect making everyone feel special and "part of family".  I want to thank you for having me as a judge as I am always amazed and inspired by the skill and talent that these athletes bring to the stage. They should all be commended for their commitment and dedication to the sport and to the examples they set as positive role models of health and fitness for women everywhere.
Stay Strong!
Sande' Mackey

Michelle Thomson & Kathie

Angela Glenn & friend

Hi Meshelle,

You and Wally put on one heck of a show! I had so much fun, and can't wait to come back next year. I also wanted to thank Kelly (Show Producer) for helping me with my prop. He was awesome! 

Take care...

Angela :-) 

Amy Gordon & Mollie Holt

Hello Meshelle,

I had a divine time with all the girls and staff. Bless Kelly's heart. He did a great job with the production of the shows. It is based on placing all the pieces together in a production and it can be a challenge sometimes. Nonetheless, Kelly was MY SHINING STAR! He has a wonderful presence about himself.
It was great to meet you and you family.
Best Regards!

Cindy Feltman & Mollie

Mollie & Taryn Bagrosky

This was my first Ms. Fitness U.S.A Competition, and it was such an exciting venture.  I met so many amazing women and had a great time.  Thank you all for encouraging me and making feel so welcome!  Thank you Claire for guiding me through it all.  It was a blessing to meet some of the women on the 2006 Ms. Fitness U.S.A Prejudging tape done in 2005, that sparked my interest.  They are real women living what the believe in.  A healthy and fit life.  
I learned valuable keys to apply and help me achieve my goals to become better. I will cherish it and carry them with me for the rest of my life.  Although I scored low, my expectations are very high, and I am looking forward to attending next years 2009 Ms. Fitness U.S.A. Competition. Thank you once again for everything and a memorable lifetime event!!!!!
Cultivate what is within, and let fitness mirror how you feel, fearfully and wonderfully made!

April Lynn McAfee

April McAfee

Susan Benz & Cara Kokenes Samson
Meshelle and Wally,
Thank you for creating an amazing show once again!  Ms Fitness in an incredibly unique organization and I am thrilled to be a part of it.  I am not sure how you do it, but each year seems better than the last.....Thank you for all you put into making each show a positive experience!
--Cara Kokenes Samson

Dear Meshelle and Wally~
I had the time of my life... what a rush of excitement!  The USA finals were fantastic... and I just had a fantastic time.  This whole event was so unexpected for me and getting to embark on such a life changing experience... amazing.  There are some very beautiful and friendly women out there and I made many new friends, new goals and know now where my new passion lies. 

Claire was the best too... what a nice, relaxing, welcoming, encouraging woman!  Not only did I get to participate in this special event, I watched the Worlds the next night and goosebumps like crazy to see, feel and witness what I did the night before.. wow!  simply said!

Again many many thanks, I learned so much about ME! 
Heidi Harrington

(l to r)Julie Lueking, Heidi Malano, Susan Senz, Taryn Bagrosky, Heidi Harrington, Heidi Boerstler, Gaye Woods, Tiffany Yee & Jesenia Torres

Dear Meshelle,

What an incredible experience I had in Vegas at this year's Ms. Fitness! I wanted to thank you, Wally and the Ms Fitness staff (Claire, Michelle Kerr, judges and all the behind the scenes people) for your long hours and hard work in making the USA and WORLD competitions above and beyond any expectations.

All the Colorado contestants (including Julie from NM) were impressed with how well we were taken care of- everything from the venue, our sponsor SupplementsToGo.com , goodie bags, food backstage, the list goes on and on. We appreciate the opportunity to participate and compete in such a first-class organization and we plan to be back year after year!

I was honored to compete amongst such beautiful and talented women around the U.S. and from many different countries. It was an absolute honor to finish as the top scoring competitor at Ms. Fitness USA.. WOW! I am excited to represent Ms. Fitness this upcoming year.

I just did my first "live" radio talk show yesterday, expressing how wonderful the Ms Fitness organization is, along with training and nutrition tips for competitors. If you missed it, check it out at the link on BODYStatementGym.com. Thank you again!

Best wishes,
Tiffany Yee

Tiffany Yee & Host John Spencer Ellis

Katerina Kosenko, Tiffany, Katerina Sergeeva & Viktoriya Aksakonskaya

Dear Meshelle, Wally and my Ms Fitness Family,

I had the time of my life in Las Vegas this year!  It was awesome to have my daughter Tiffany with me this year. She had the experience of a lifetime being involved in the show from another angle, photography!  When I first competed at the ripe old age of 38 I was just hoping to qualify, who would have known I would still be standing on the Ms Fitness Stage for my 6th year. I am truly honored to be a part of such a diverse and multi-talented bunch of women. Oh, and did I say beautiful!!! My Birthday is every year right after Ms Fitness and being involved in Ms Fitness is one of the ways I celebrate being Healthy and Fit. When you are around so many extremely talented women sometimes it is easy to feel maybe this is a little bit out of your league. I am certainly not the most talented one on the stage. Some may wonder why I keep coming back.  There is more to being a part of Ms Fitness then winning, I have received so many wonderful opportunities as a result of just daring to try. I am always inspired,motivated and challenged to be my very best by just being a part of such an amazing bunch of women. Thank You Wally and Meshelle for giving women such a magnificent Venue in which they can continue to grow. Ms Fitness has been a huge step in my journey towards Life-Long Fitness.
The funniest thing that happened was on the way home from Vegas. I was sending my carry-on through x-ray and had to wait. When I looked at the guy's face I could tell there was a major glitch. While the fellow went through my bag he reached in and out came a huge bottle of Vodka. I tried to explain that we had just come from a fitness competition and it was part of our Goody Bags.  Sure lady, sure.
LindaLu Mitchell

Linda Mitchell & Nicole Guerrero

Nicole & Evamarie Pilipuf

 Dear Meshelle and all that staffed the 2008 Ms. Fitness USA's-

Thanks again for a memorable experience. We are lucky to be part of such an event that has so many companies sponsor it and provide each competitor with an awesome goody bag! Surprisingly, I made it home on the plane without any extra fees, that was one heavy bag!!! I was honored to be a part of it all...there was so much talent this year. I made some new friends in fitness and got to catch up with old ones, too. I look forward to next year!

Warm regards,
Nicole Guerrero

Kim Kantor & Nicole

Hi Meshelle,

I had such a wonderful time competing. Thank you for all your help throughout the whole competition and also for answering all my questions before. This was my first year at USA and I definitely want to come back next year. Everyone involved in the event was so nice and the Ms. Fitness organization really knows how to treat their competitors!

Thanks again,
Kelly Gould

I want to thank you and everyone who was involved with Ms. Fitness USA for a wonderful unforgettable experience! The competition was well organized and I met absolutely amazing women. I look forward to competing again next year!
Ashlee Slone




Thank you so much Michelle...as always, I had a WONDERFUL TIME!! I am honored to be a part of the Ms. Fitness family.

Stay Blessed,
Linda Okwor

2008 SupplementsToGo.com Ms. Fitness USA & Ms. Fitness World

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